BRAT 2021

This year, the Bicycle Ride Across Tennessee will have one Tennessee State Parks serve as a basecamp for this great ride! We will be calling Cumberland Mountain State Park our home for the 2021 BRAT! Each day will feature out and back rides returning to the basecamp.

Each day riders will have multiple routes to choose from depending on their goals for the day. You can expect to see routes between 25-45 miles, 45-80 miles, and 80-110 miles throughout the week. All routes will be supported by our Tennessee Park Rangers and volunteers. Being supported by us means you can expect fully stocked SAG stops every 15-20 miles which include water, Gatorade, fresh fruit, nutritious snacks, bathrooms, and friendly faces along the way, Rangers running the routes with their blue lights on to alert motorists of your presence, and our awesome mechanic that is never too far away incase you have a bike mishap.

Choose to join us for the full 6-day ride, the first 3 days, the last 3 days, the weekend or a single day! Check out our multiple registration options to see what will best fit your schedule and riding style.

All the proceeds from the ride will be supporting the Cumberland Trail State Scenic Trail, Tennessee Park Rangers Association, The Friends of the Cumberland Trail, and The Friends of Cumberland Mountain State Park!